University of London LLM Programme

The course offers a learning experience characterised by a challenging timetable of autonomous study, highly participative round-table seminars, and a corresponding regime of close individual or small-group interaction with teachers. 

Why Choose Us?

The University of London is truly one of the great universities of the world. A federation of 19 world-class Colleges and 10 specialist institutes, its reputation for high academic standards has been built on the outstanding teaching and research of its Colleges since 1836. University of London degrees are recognised internationally by governments, universities, employers and professional bodies as being of the highest academic quality.

Entrance Requirements for LLM

Detailed Course Description

TILS is exclusively offering all of the below for the first time in Pakistan: LLM is internationally recognised and gives a lawyer the requisite qualification to work in a multinational legal faculty makes lawyers with this qualification more versatile employees than lawyers without it. This versatility is why the Master of Laws is a prerequisite before hiring for some law firms in Pakistan. Even where it has not been specified, an LLM is an advantage that enables you to stand out from amongst the multitude of jobseekers. In our current tough and competitive job market, having an LLM is a useful and necessary addition to your portfolio as it is evidence of your good intellectual ability.


Specializations to be covered: International Business Law & Corporate and Commercial Law

Flexibility of the Course

One of the biggest benefits of a long distance Masters in Law from the University of London is the flexibility of the Programme. You can study while you are working and fulfill your goals without taking a break from or putting your career or legal practice on hold. At our Institute you can benefit from small class sizes and study groups, obtain support from learned professionals who are specialists in the field and be disseminated knowledge from experts from the particular discipline that you have chosen to do a Masters in. As part of the teaching and assessment throughout the programme, you will be able to practise and enhance your abilities to think critically and analyse legal arguments. In addition to the pastoral support delivered by academic advisors, the Faculty also provides further help, e.g. each programme has dedicated administrative support and the administrators in question will be available to provide extra support on a range of matters regarding their particular courses of instruction. It is this level of access to some of the best known teachers and researchers across a wide range of legal subjects which perhaps more than anything distinguishes us from our counterparts. Our approach to the teaching of Law combines views and experiences from different disciplinary traditions and jurisdictions.