Annual Legal Research Poster Series

Students from TILS and other visiting schools are given a current important issue that they research and showcase via a Poster and present to a panel of judges. It takes place every January and contributes to enhancing the presenting and researching skills of students.

Debates, Moots and Model United Nations

TILS has a very active Law Society, which both organizes debates and law moots on campus and also encourages students to participate actively in moots, debates and Model United Nations at other forums as well, both national and international. Our teams have competed and made us proud at various national and international forums such as Jean Pictet, Henry Dunant etc.

Guest Speakers and Future of Law Conference

We invite an array of guest speakers from various fields to address the students on various important issues. We also hold an annual “Law Conference” that deals with the current developments in the field and is addressed by various legal experts.

Visits to Courts

As we are an exclusive law school we place great emphasis on students also being exposed to the practical side of the legal field. Under supervision of our faculty members’ students are taken to Courts to experience firsthand how lawyers conduct cases.

Sports Festivals

We hold various sports festivals where students participate and which are arranged by the elected Student Council.

Halloween Nights, the Winter Carnival and other events

These are annual fixtures in our extracurricular calendar and are a chance for students to mingle socially and maybe embark on lifelong friendships. Other events include bake sales, a masquerade ball, battle of the sexes, barbecues etc.

Musical Evenings/Qawwali Nights/Concerts

Singers are invited to perform at all our campuses. These are exclusive events and entry is by invitation only.

The Annual Matriculation and Farewell/High Achievement Awards Ceremonies in conjunction with University of London

New students are officially welcomed and inducted in the rolls of TILS at the Welcome held in October. It is also the first chance for them to mingle with their seniors. The outgoing class is officially bid farewell at the Farewell Ceremony by the student body as well as the faculty, a bittersweet moment in our extracurricular calendar.

Field Trips

Annual trips are arranged by all campuses where students travel as a group to either visit go and see.

TILS Ehsaas Foundation

Under the banner of this Foundation, we hold blood donation drives, contribute to the betterment of the environment, support the needy and help out the underprivileged members of society.