Directors' Note

Jalees Qasir


Learning law is discovering about the responsibilities, obligations, rights and privileges of every member of a particular society in relation to their neighbours and to the wider community as a whole. The study of law is concerned about the historical, social, political and economic forces that govern, regulate, impact and influence a particular social order or society. Whilst studying at TILS you will learn to think, reason and deliberate like a lawyer rather than just study law.

A key factor behind our excellent results and success is the caliber, capability, experience and passion of our faculty challenging your mental dexterity with complex, multifaceted and realistic scenarios that enhance your understanding of the legal concepts taught and lead to a more enriching and satisfying academic experience. Additionally, you can sharpen your evolving legal skills in such extra-curricular initiatives as mock legal debating, law moots, our Law Society and the Law Review in which your work may be published. You will graduate with ample work opportunities both in the legal profession and in other areas for which the intellectual abilities you will have developed will make you highly sought after by employers such as business, politics, media, finance, banking and government service.

Sara Khattak


As democracy is the cornerstone of our Constitution, our mission at TILS is to prepare our nation’s future lawyers to be the proponents of justice, fairness and equality. We prepare our graduates to help shape public policy; defending, prosecuting and deciding legal cases. Our experienced faculty works tirelessly in their efforts to produce outstanding teaching and innovation in classrooms. Our graduates get 1:1 support in polishing their skills and knowledge in all aspects of law; be it civil rights, to property and taxation or Islamic law and international law. For many of our students, these courses provide not only insight to the world but help in a journey of self-discovery and self-actualization, leading to be human beings with compassion, intellect and empathy. We celebrate more than 16 years of excellence in commitment, academic deliverance and first rate results; and profusely thank our alumni and team members for their hard work and commitment.