Fellowship of Tils | Success Stories

Sherbano Tajammal
My time at The Institute of Legal Studies proved to be extremely rewarding. The faculty works tirelessly to provide the students with an excellent standard of education. TILS always pushes students to reach their full academic potential and my experience at TILS inspired me to work to the best of my abilities in order to achieve my academic goals. The environment at TILS is helpful, friendly and conducive to learning.
I met many people who enriched my college experience. My time at TILS has proven to be extremely memorable and it helped me to grow academically. I hope to practice law in the future and I am confident that all that I have learnt at TILS will assist me in my future career.
Famia Batool
Having decided to pursue a career in law, it was not difficult to select TILS as my institution of choice. I knew from the start, that this degree was not going to be a piece of cake which had me slightly worried. The motto “from the possible to the actual” has never made more sense to me than it does now because I have seen firsthand the hard work our highly-qualified teachers put in to ensure that not only do we just get through the degree but we also get good grades. I am sure that the knowledge and experience I have gained during my stay at TILS, shall help me in my future endeavours in the field of law.
Jehanzeb Jehangiri
The Institute of Legal Studies (TILS), Lahore is more than just an institute, it is a world on its own, an experience that lives with you long after you have left this place. I have known this place as my alma mater and later on as a place, which allowed me to become the professional I am today. As a student then and now, as a teacher, TILS has been a phenomenal experience for me in every way. No matter the role and no matter the circumstances, the institute has always welcomed me with open arms and has provided me space, which allowed me to grow as a professional and as a person.
One of the strongest features of our institute is the faculty. We have one of the best law faculties in the city. With diverse backgrounds in legal practice, academia and research, TILS Faculty is a force to be reckoned with. They are at the end of your day your best friends, they help you plan your future and at times mentor you for your professional careers. The faculty, at TILS, for me, has been the most diligent guardian of my legal career. They have not only provided me with excellent legal instruction but have also allowed me insights into new perspectives and avenues for my further studies, which allowed me to make informed decisions regarding my post-graduate studies.
At TILS, I promise you, you will be on a journey that you will cherish for the rest of your life. This place will allow you to grow as a student, as a professional and as a person, as it did for me. This place has it all and I am sure you will find your success here.
Hadia Asad
The quality of teaching and mentoring at TILS inspired me to become a teacher myself and pass on the knowledge, I had gained to aspiring young students, in a manner that gives them a distinctive edge in today’s challenging and competitive environment. TILS provides just the right mix of education and mentoring, in an environment that encourages students to think, question, explore and understand legal concepts.
Jamal Aziz
A major reason for my successes in the LLB can be attributed to the tremendous study support I received at TILS where my lecturers provided me with constant guidance and encouraged my fondness for original thought. In my opinion, the UOL Programme has been instrumental in my academic and professional achievements thus far. I would strongly recommend the Programme to aspiring lawyers in Pakistan and to receive study support from TILS.
Kaivan Hussain Mir
I joined TILS in September 2014 with little practical exposure to the legal profession. Although it took a few weeks to adjust initially, TILS from the very start provided a very friendly and welcoming environment.
The faculty and the administration were very accommodating and encouraging throughout my stay at TILS which made my stay at the institution even more worthwhile. As far as the UOL Programme is concerned, TILS being a Recognised Teaching Centre is one institution that you can rely on which specialises in the law programme and has branches in three main city centres of Pakistan (namely Lahore, Islamabad and Multan).The faculty at TILS is at par with any internationally reputed institution and follows the guidelines and standards of the UOL supervisors developing course outlines and helping students achieve their targets by encouraging and promoting individual effort and legal research which accounts for the excellence in academic results that students produce.
Lastly, I would wish TILS all the best in its future endeavours and hope that it continues to produce legal brains and successful lawyers.
Mawra Hocane
Studying at TILS has enabled me to achieve what I previously thought was unattainable. Although I wasn’t very focused, I still managed to score a 76; which I owe to my director Ms. Sara Khattak who had complete faith in me and inspired me to aim higher. It is because my teachers worked with me one-on-one and kept encouraging me that today I am absolutely a fully satisfied student. My teachers believed in me when, perhaps, even I didn’t. I can proudly say that having studied at TILS has allowed to learn a lot more than what’s there in the books. Some profound lessons that I shall live to tell!
Shayyan Qaiser
Doing the LLB from the University of London International Programmes is certainly challenging, which is why an encouraging faculty and a supportive environment is the key. The practical and engaging teaching methods at TILS are unique. Teachers are experienced and the entire atmosphere, very accommodating.
What is best is that the teachers take personal responsibility for student learning which other institutes do not offer. They put in extra time and effort in guiding and mentoring their students. Speaking from experience, this is significant in contributing towards the academic development of students.
TILS also has an active social life which enables students to grow personally. It is where I made some lifelong friendships. My time at TILS has augmented my potential and confidence. It not only groomed me as a person but prepared me for my graduate studies and subsequent professional life. I am proud to have been a part of TILS. I joined TILS to earn a degree, but left with a family – a lasting association.
Ali Arslan
It has nearly been a decade since I graduated from The Institute of Legal Studies , Lahore, Pakistan and have been involved with academics ever since. The UOL degree has been instrumental in my professional and personal grooming as it has taught me discipline, creativity and originality. The Programme is designed to challenge us as law students who would overcome these hurdles by untiring effort and zeal to excel. These are the traits which I essentially wish to see in all my students. TILS has been pivotal in providing me with ideal circumstances to conduct research through an expansive library and allowed me to exercise my strength as a leader through group work, peer counselling and extracurricular activities. The degree made a sound foundation for a research intensive Masters Programme at one of the leading institutions in the world, UCL. The degree has provided me with a strong identity and international exposure and also with an opportunity to serve my country well. Thus, I aim to make a law college in Pakistan which trains students to become first rate lawyers teaching them skills which are essential to compete in the international arena. I also aim to explore opportunities for academic work in the field of law in Pakistan as it is largely amiss. The UOL International Programme allows one to explore new avenues and achieve great milestones. It is the stepping stone to an exciting and rewarding journey ahead of us.
Zafar Zulqarnain Sahi
The friendly environment, sincere administration and a very competent faculty made my stay at TILS worth the while. Not only did it play a vital role in my academic achievements, namely securing First Position in LLB Part III (PU) but also contributed to where I am today. The par excellence approach followed at TILS made studying abroad easier for me.