The Institute of Legal Studies (TILS) has been established with the efforts of the members of the faculty and the student body to provide qualitative legal education and the legal fraternity constantly reviews its standards of academic requirements.

All Campuses are Recognised Teaching Centres of the University of London and have Permission to Teach status for CertHE Common Law. We are also the oldest Recognised Teaching Centre in Pakistan.

University of London

Recognised Teaching Centre

Punjab University

TILS is an Affiliated College of the University of the Punjab

Life at TILS


The Institute of Legal Studies (TILS) gives students opportunities to transform their visions into reality. As a result, they develop the intellectual, professional and social characteristics that will support a life of personal achievement and social responsibility.

TILS welcomes a diversity of people and perspectives to a campus that promotes close interactions and respect for individuals. The students of TILS – and its graduates – are characterised by their determination to make a difference.

Online Teaching During Pandemic Crises

Our full time, fully trained and foreign qualified faculty switched seamlessly from classroom based teaching to an online instruction format during the COVID-19 pandemic. They made sure that the students did not suffer any lag in their studies and using Zoom were able to make sure that students were fully prepared for the examinations and fully conversant with the relevant legal concepts contained in the syllabus. This was made possible through the hard work of our dedicated Online Instruction Coordinator, each of whom is based in one of the campuses of TILS.


Tajwar Waseem Khan
Amara Khanum


Hadiia Asad


Fatima Batool


Shahrbano Sohail

Meet Our High Achievers

We are the only Institution in the University of London’s 170 year history to get five first class honours in a single academic year