University of the Punjab LLB* (5-year programme)

Established in 1882 at Lahore, the University of the Punjab is the largest and oldest seat of higher learning in Pakistan. TILS is an affiliated college of the University. The LLB is a five-year degree programme with an examination at the end of each year and admission is open to full-time students.

English I 100 marks
Islamic Studies / Ethics 60marks
Introduction to Philosphy of Law 100 marks
Political Science I 100 marks
Sociology I 100 marks
Introduction to Arabic 40 marks
English II 100 marks
Pakistan Studies 60marks
Introduction to Legal Systems 100 marks
Political Science II 100 marks
Sociology II 100 marks
I.T. Skills 40 marks
Paper I Arabic & English Language
Paper II Islamic Jurisprudence
Paper III English Jurisprudence
Paper IV Constructional Law I
Paper V Law of Contract
Paper VI law of Tort and easements
Paper VII Criminal Law
Paper I Constructional Law II
Paper II Equity
Paper III Mercentile Law
Paper IV Law of Transfer and Property
Paper V Islamic Persoanl Law
Paper VI Public International Law
Paper VII Special and Local Laws
Paper I Law of Civil Procedure
Paper II Criminal Procedure Code and Medical Jurisprudence
Paper III Law of Evidence and Legal Ethics
Paper IV Legal Drafting and Interpretation of Statutes
Paper V Administrative Law
Paper VI Minor Acts
Paper VII Labour and Taxation Laws


Entrance Requirements

In order to be registered for the 5-year LLB programme, you must:

  • have passed the Laws Entrance Test (LAT) as per HEC rules
  • have passed FA/FSc/ICom exams from a recognised Board with a minimum of 2nd Division
  •      OR
  • have passed the requisite O & A levels and have an equivalence certificate from the IBCC
  • pass the English Proficiency Test
  • appear in the interview and be selected on the course
  • be less than 24 years of age at the time of admission

Guidance and support

Students enrolled on this programme are encouraged to contact staff by mail, telephone, fax or e-mail. Each student is also assigned an individual Guidance Tutor who is there to help with any particular difficulty& to discuss the student’s progress in general.

Special Consideration

A special fee concession is also available to students with a strong academic background on the recommendation of the principal of your school.

Decision of the Board (TILS) will be final in granting/approving any fee concession.