Director's Note

The primary aim of the disciplines offered at The Institute of Legal Studies is to develop in the student a high level of skill in comprehension, analysis and presentation.

We try to inculcate and encourage in our students a culture whereby they are encouraged to read a great deal, mostly from primary sources (such as cases and statutes) and form their own independent opinion about things, rather than simply to take other people's word for them. This is so that they develop opinions autonomously not only about the law as it is, but so that they are also equipped with the necessary tools about questioning why it is as it is, based on moral, historical, social, economic and other factors and how it might be different.

At the Institute this process takes place through a mix of seminars and tutorials where students are expected to read, form an opinion and elaborate and elucidate that opinion to other students and the relevant academic. A nascent lawyer needs to be able to clearly present his arguments, defend his opinions and most of all accept constructive criticism. This combination of research, independent thought and their successful enunciation are an invaluable asset for any student and employers recognize this.

This is made possible through a modern purpose built library holding one of the largest and up to date collections of law books in the country and an outstanding faculty of exclusively foreign qualified and highly experienced teachers. Whichever degree you prefer, whilst studying with us, it will be our aim to make you think for yourself, rationally and creatively, a catalyst from which to explore an ocean of opportunities. The Institute is a well-known and exclusive Law School recognized for its academic excellence. Our full time faculty and library resources exclusively devoted to law and our distinct system of study based on a combination of lectures, seminars and tutorials underpin a tradition of close academic supervision and vigilant individual attention paid to each student. We pick the best and brightest students purely on their academic merit and passion for their chosen course. If that sounds like you, studying at TILS could be the right choice for you.