Diploma In Law (Common Law)

Diploma in law (CertHE Common Law) is a one-year programme which focuses on students who may not have the qualifications required to enroll, but are sufficiently mature and demonstrate the necessary potential and ability to study at degree level. It is not only a qualification in its own right but is also an entry route to degree study. Prospective students should be aware that the standard required to pass the Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law (formerly known as Diploma in Law) which is equivalent to that of the first year of the LLB (Hons) of the University of London. One of the core features of the Certificate is that a student can get an internationally recognized legal qualification without committing to the full LLB (Hons) Programme.

STRUCTURE (Level 4)  
Subjects to be taken in the Diploma in Law (CertHE Common Law)  
- Criminal Law - Legal System and Method
- Public Law - Contract Law
Students who complete the Diploma in Law (CertHE Common Law) will be able to transfer to the Standard Entry LLB. Students and those who pass 90 credits will also be allowed to transfer to the Standard Entry LLB but they will not subsequently be awarded the CertHE Common Law upon achieving 120 Level 4 credits.