Asfandyar Khan Graduation Year: 2010

Company: HaidermotaBNR.
Title: Associate
Asfandyar treats his profession as a lifestyle; while recalling his stay at the Institute of legal studies he described the entire experience worthwhile and supportive. He always possessed a love for free thinking and public speaking, both traits are useful for litigation.
Asfandyar describes his post TILS path in a series of interesting events that includes applying for bar and they way he adores the life of a lawyer. His advice to current law students,”You will never get anything as a matter of entitlement, you will have to earn it and for that you have to come out of the comfort zone. The world is mean. If they hit you hard, do not give up because your self-motivation and self-belief will make you a stronger person ready to encounter the upcoming challenges.”


Mirza Qasim Baig Graduation Year: 2009

Company: United Bank and Private Practice
Title: Law Associate
Qasim recalls his overall experience wonderful at The Institute of Legal Studies. He describes the teachers as learned and exceptionally good at what they do. He aimed to be a judge in the High court that ultimately led him to choose law as his career path.
Since the completion of his final year of law from TILS, Qasim has been practicing in civil, corporate, constitutional and employment related areas. He has successfully pleaded a number of cases before various courts and tribunals. As an advice to current students he added, “There is no shortcut to success in the law. The only way that leads to success is hard work. Those who are starting their studies of law should work hard with full dedication and honesty.”


Arfat Zafar Rathore Graduation Year: 2012

Company: Tranz International
Title: Legal advisor
Arfat is currently working as a legal advisor at Tranz International. His only advice to the fresh lawyers is to work hard and also these three years of their life at The Institute of Legal studies will make a big difference in their professional life afterwards.


Muhammad Oves Anwar Graduation Year: 2008

Company: Kundi & Kundi, Research society of International Law, TILS
Title: Senior Associate (Kundi & Kundi)
Research Fellow (Research Society of International Law)
Deputy Director (TILS Centre for International Law and Human Rights)
Research Advisor (TILS)

Muhammad Oves Anwar describes his experience at the Institute of Legal Studies productive and valuable. Not only that he is an irreplaceable alumni but also an asset in our faculty too. He developed his love for law at a very early age.
Mr. Oves completed his LL.M from SOAS, UK and a second LL.M from the University of Vienna, Austria. He also acquired a Diploma from the International School of Nuclear Law at the University of Montpellier, France. He worked at the UN IN Vienna and is now a very valuable resource for Research Society of International Law(TILS).
As an advice to the new and young law graduates he said, “Put your head down and work hard for several years, once you get a few years of experience under your belt opportunities will present themselves.”

Sheikh Waqas bin Aamir

Sheikh Waqas bin Aamir Graduation Year: 2013

Company: School of International Law and Sheikh Waqas Law Associates- Advocates and Legal Consultant
Title: General Law and Owner of his own law firm
Waqas describes his 3 years stay at The Institute of Legal Studies as the best years of his life. He was always motivated towards being a lawyer since any other profession never caught his interest. Recently he completed his LLM and now aims to make a difference in the society.
Waqas’s advice for all the upcoming students is, “Make sure to put in as much time and effort as possible so as to learn and grow in confidence, both in the office and in the Courtroom. Seek out different kinds of assignments in order to decide what areas to pursue/specialize in when the time comes.”

Taha Waqar

Taha Waqar Graduation Year: 2013

Company: Wi-tribe Pakistan Limited
Title: Executive legal affairs
Taha narrate his experience as constructive and spectacular. According to him The Institute of Legal Studies groomed him in a manner that significantly helped him to outstand among the lawyer fraternity. He advised the current students to work hard and never give up as this field eventually pays off.

Tanvir Niaz

Tanvir Niaz Graduation Year: 2009

Company: Hashmi and Malik Advocates and Fazle Ghani Advocates
Title: Associate
Tanvir is one of our precious student who is now working as an Associate after graduating from The Institute of Legal Studies. He elucidated his experience at TILS as a very helpful, supportive with the friendly atmosphere in which one can expect to get the best possible support for pursuing one's studies while making lifelong connections and friends. Tanvir comprehends Law a much-respected profession and pursued it because he wanted to make a difference in the society.
Tanvir’s advice to the current students is, “Make sure to put in as much time and effort as possible so as to learn and grow in confidence, both in the office and in the Courtroom.”

Yasir Islam Chaudry

Yasir Islam Chaudry Graduation Year: 2011

Company: Private Practice
Title: Advocate at High Court
Yasir Islam Chaudry is a talented lawyer who is currently working on his own and is an advocate at the High Court. He describes his experience at The Institute of Legal Studies as a roller coaster ride with ups and sometimes down that helped him shape as a professional. That he is today. According to Yasir the learning and grooming at TILS was very beneficial for his profession both as a lawyer and as a person.

Ali Arsalan

Ali Arslan LLB (Hons)(UK): 2006
LLM (UCL)(UK): 2009

Company: The Institute of Legal Studies, Lahore, Pakistan
Principal, Allied School Ferozpur Road Campus, Lahore, Pakistan
Title: Lecturer Equity and Trusts, European Union Law
Supervisor LSP
It has nearly been a decade since I graduated from The Institute of Legal Studies, Lahore, Pakistan and have been involved with academics ever since. The UOL degree has been instrumental in my professional and personal grooming as it has taught me discipline, creativity and originality. The programme is designed to challenge us as law students who would overcome these hurdles by untiring effort and zeal to excel. These are the traits which I essentially wish to see in all my students. TILS has been pivotal in providing me with ideal circumstances to conduct research through an expansive library and allowed me to exercise my strength as a leader through group work, peer counselling and extracurricular activities. The degree made a sound foundation for a research intensive masters programme at one of the leading institutions in the world, UCL. The degree has provided me with a strong identity and international exposure and also with an opportunity to serve my country well. Thus I aim to make a law college in Pakistan which trains students to become first rate lawyers teaching them skills which are essential to compete in the international arena. I also aim to explore opportunities for academic work in the field of law in Pakistan as it is largely amiss. The UOL International Programme allows one to explore new avenues and achieve great milestones. It is the stepping stone to an exciting and rewarding journey ahead of us.

Fatima Nasir Raja

Fatima Nasir Raja Graduation Year: 2014

Company: Law Firm
Title: Associate
Fatima considers the 3 years in The Institute of Legal Studies very memorable and refreshing.
Her advice to the fresh lawyers is, “Planning goals, sketching pathway to get to that goal and staying focused and loyal to your commitment - three very essential elements for a lawyer."

Jamal Aziz

Jamal Aziz Graduation Year: 2008

Company: Research Society of International Law, Pakistan (RSIL)
Title: Research Fellow
I graduated from the University of London’s International LL.B programme in 2008 with a 2.1, having undertaken my studies at the Institute of Legal Studies, (TILS). I am currently working as a Research Fellow at the Research Society of International Law, Pakistan (RSIL). RSIL is the premier international law think tank in Pakistan which is dedicated to examining critical issues of international and domestic law with the intention of informing discourse on issues of national importance and effecting positive change in the domestic legal space. In addition, I am also a lecturer for Public Law at TILS Islamabad.
The University of London’s LL.B degree proved to be an enriching experience which acquainted me with the subtleties of the discipline. The exceptionally high marking standard cultivated my analytical skills and refined my ability to think outside the box. The demanding nature of the programme taught me to deal with pressure and multi-task my workload effectively. These abilities stood me in good stead during my graduate studies at University College London, where I completed my LL.M with Distinction in 2010.
A major reason for my success in the LL.B can be attributed to the tremendous study support I received at TILS Islamabad where my lecturers provided me with constant guidance and encouraged my fondness for original thought. This ignited the passion in me to take up teaching in my institute after graduating. My instructional philosophy today is geared towards encouraging students to stretch the limits of their creative thinking, rather than indulge in a race to get the best marks.
The University of London’s LL.B is rapidly becoming one of the most popular undergraduate degrees in Pakistan. It offers its graduates the ability to earn a world-class degree while availing the benefits and comforts of home. In my capacity as a Research Fellow at RSIL, I have always preferred to employ high scoring graduates from this programme as my associates and interns, a trend which is reflected in all the leading law firms in the country today.
In my opinion, the University of London’s LL.B has been instrumental in my academic and professional achievements thus far. I would strongly recommend the programme to aspiring lawyers in Pakistan and suggest that they receive study support from an Affiliate or Registered Centre during their degree.