About TILS

The Institute of Legal Studies has been established with the efforts of the members of the faculty and the student body to provide qualitative legal education and the legal fraternity constantly reviews its standards of academic requirements. Within a short span of time The Institute has ensured that standards of excellence in imparting education are maintained through an outstanding faculty supplemented with up to-date resource materials.

The supervision of The Institute is under the management of the Board of Trustees of the S. A. Qasir Memorial Trust. The trustees intend to promote the objectives of the Trust in maintaining quality education rather than commercializing the affairs of The Institute. The emphasis at The Institute is not only to provide excellent liberal education in an academic environment, but also to contribute to the character of the students.

We keep our Institute at a size where we can sustain a friendly, professional and caring environment, and develop constructive personal relationships between our staff and students. Thus, we offer a wide portfolio of courses in a supportive environment with dedicated professionals to help our students achieve high academic standards and to develop the skills to make the most of their careers.

We give students opportunities to transform their visions into reality. As a result, they develop the intellectual, professional and social characteristics that will support a life of personal achievement and social responsibility. TILS welcomes a diversity of people and perspectives to a campus that promotes close interactions and respect for individuals. The students of TILS – and its graduates – are characterized by their determination to make a difference.