The Institute of Legal Studies has been established with the efforts of the members of the Faculty and the student body to provide qualitative legal education and the legal fraternity constantly reviews its standards of academic requirements.

Our Vision

The Institute of Legal Studies seeks to be a distinctive and distinguished law school that offers nationally competitive and internationally recognized opportunities for learning, discovery and engagement to the next generation of competent lawyers.

Our Mission

Studying one of the disciplines mentioned in this prospectus could change your life in many different ways. It could improve your career prospects, it could encourage you to think critically and innovatively and increase your understanding of how and why modern societies function the way they do.



The library is run by a qualified librarian. The library offers a variety of books including textbooks. The books are catalogued according to the International Dewey System.


A cafeteria serving food is open throughout the day. The quality of food, prices and the atmosphere in the cafeteria is monitored by the Administration.


TILS is a co-education institution. While single sex institutes have various advantages for both boys and girls, it is nevertheless essential that educational institutions within the country should also offer an environment conducive to a healthy interaction between the sexes.

Meet Our High Achievers

Courses Offered

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    The University of London
    A degree from the University of London is a mark of excellence, respected by employers and universities worldwide. This is because the University of London is one of the world’s leading universities, internationally recognised for its high academic standards.

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    University of the Punjab LLB (Offered at Lahore Campus)
    Established in 1882 at Lahore, the University of the Punjab is the largest and oldest seat of higher learning in Pakistan. TILS is an affiliated college of the University. The LLB is a three-year degree with an examination at the end of each year


The Institute of Legal Studies grants scholarships to the needy and well deserving students. Take a look below at the selection of scholarships and grants currently available to our law students.


Academic based:

This type of scholarship is for above average students with the appropriate marks and grades.


Need based:

The need based scholarship is for students that are worthy enough to be a part of this institution but are unable to pay due to financial problems.



Exclusive scholarships are available to the children of lawyers and teachers.